As a citizen of Cyprus, you wish to energize yourself then give a break to yourself with a short but exciting and the zealous trip of New Zealand. You will get many spots for thrilling events and adventure activities like Raglan, New Zealand's most famous surfing spot, which boasts one of the world's best left-hand breaks and Taupo, a great place for bungee jumping. Mount Maunganui, a popular east coast beach home to many sporting and music events. Whakapapa and Turoa ski- fields are very popular for skiing, and Auckland Zoo is a vast site for getting a look of native and exotic animals.

New Zealand is a developed country, and Auckland, Wellington Dunedin, and Queenstown are the modern cities of New Zealand. Here, you can find the best wines and delicious dining to give you a heavenly feeling. Moreover, casinos, roulette, blackjack, and poker are also available for your amusement.

Since 1 st October 2019, the Government of New Zealand has exempted from the requirement of a visa for 60 eligible countries, including Cyprus. So, the citizens of Cyprus don't need to obtain a tourist visa to travel New Zealand for short term trips up to 90 consecutive days for tourism or business purposes. The citizens have to obtain an approved eTA (Electronic Travel Authority) to cross the Border Security. The eTA is also helpful in the identification of the individuals as it is automatically linked to the traveler's passport after getting approved.

Do the citizens of Cyprus require obtaining a New Zealand eTA?

The citizens of the sixty eligible countries needed to have an approved New Zealand eTA to cross the Border Security checking. The eTA escapes us from the difficulties of consulting the consulate or the embassy for a transit visa. An eTA is also required for those who want to enter through Auckland. The eTA also eliminates the requirement of getting stamps on the border while entering New Zealand. The travelers traveling along with their family members have to give the passport details of each member, and the travelers flying with their other family members or minors must apply the NZeTA application individually for each member.

Cruise passengers have to obtain a valid New Zealand eTA just like Cyprus travelers arriving in New Zealand by air. However, crew members have to apply for a particular eTA, separate from that of tourists. These workers should contact their employer for assistance.

The travelers should be in good health. When requesting the New Zealand eTA, applicants will be they are asked if whether they are traveling to the country to receive medical treatment or consultation. If you are in this situation, you will have to apply for a Medical Treatment Visitor Visa instead of an eTA.

What are the required documents to apply for online New Zealand eTA?

The citizens of Cyprus require obtaining an eTA for traveling to New Zealand. They can apply an online application for New Zealand eTA from Cyprus. The applicants must fill correct and complete information to obtain an approved NZeTA. Hence, before applying the application, the applicants must meet with the following requirements-

- The citizen's passport should remain valid for at least three months after the extended exit date from New Zealand.

- The New Zealand eTA application form must be filled correctly.

- The citizen's valid credit or debit card to pay the online application and IVL fees.

- A current email address to receive the approved eTA visa waiver.

- The citizen with dual citizenship must give the passport detail with which he is intended to travel.

- Travelers visiting with family members must give every member passport details in the eTA application, and travelers traveling with other family members must apply an eTA individually for each member.

The following essential details must be filled correctly and carefully for the approval of the application form any wrong detail can lead to delay or rejection.

How can the citizens of Cyprus apply an application for the New Zealand eTA?

The citizens of Cyprus can quickly obtain and apply an online New Zealand eTA application form using their Smartphone, personal computer, or tablet from Cyprus within ten minutes. While applying the mentioned details are required to keep along with them. After obtaining an application fill the following information carefully -

- Personal details – Full name, date of birth, address, family details (if traveling with family)

- Passport details – Passport number, nationality, expiry date

- Health-related information – Intention of receiving medical treatment or consultation in New Zealand

- Travel plans – Hotels, dates of arrival and departure

- Security details – History of criminal convictions

- A current email address to receive the approved eTA

After entering the following data in the online eTA application form and pay the application fee and associate tourist levy (IVL) using a debit or a credit card, the initial application is completed. In a few days, the NZeTA application would be processed and approved.

The Government of New Zealand takes IVL fee, small payment to protect the environment and to develop the infrastructure of New Zealand.

How long does it take to get an New Zealand eTA from Cyprus?

It takes only ten minutes to apply the NZeTA form and paying the application fee and IVL fee. After submitting the application, it takes one to three working days to respond from New Zealand. The travelers are must apply the New Zealand eTA online form at least before three working days that it gets sufficient time for processing and approval. When approved, the approved NZeTA will be sent in PDF format to the given email address. The travelers can get a print out of the NZeTA along with their passport for traveling New Zealand.

The travelers who have dual citizenship need to travel with the same passport, which details are filled in the application form.