As a citizen of Greece, you wish to have a short but exciting trip that can rejuvenate you. New Zealand can be the finest choice. It is famous not only for its natural charm but also for its modern cities. Here you can find many spots for exiting actions like beaches for rafting, hills, and bridge for bungee jumping, mountains covered with snow for skiing. You can also catch a chance to see exotic animals and plants only in New Zealand nowhere else. Auckland is the famous city of New Zealand and known for its best wines and delicious food as well as casinos for amusement. New Zealand is the place for those who are eager to pamper the desire for challenge, thrill, and adventure. New Zealand provides a high quality of life, education, and health to its citizens. New Zealand is better than any country for tourism in the world.

Greece is one of those 60 visa-exempt countries whose citizens don’t need a visa waiver to transit in New Zealand for short stays up to 90 successive days. Instead of a transit visa, the Government of New Zealand requires a New Zealand eTA (Electronic Travel Authority) or New Zealand e visa for Greek citizens. The eTA is valid for two years or till its expiry date, whichever comes first. The Greek citizens need to apply an NZeTA application form online to obtain an eTA from New Zealand for Greek citizens.

Do Greek citizens require obtaining an New Zealand eTA from Greece?

Since 31st Oct 2019, the New Zealand Government has announced that sixty eligible countries are exempted from visa requirements for transiting in New Zealand, though a copy of the approved NZeTA is required for identifying individuals and entering the border of New Zealand. The travelers traveling to the country with an eTA from NZ for citizens of visa waiver countries is simple. This process saves travelers from the hassles of going to an embassy or consulate to consult for a tourist visa. The eTA avoids the stamps requirement at the entry of the New Zealand Border. All applicants require meeting the basic NZeTA requirements and completing the online application prior to their departure.

The travelers traveling with their family members should fill each member’s passport details in the NZ eTA application online form.

The travelers are traveling with their other family members, or minors are required to apply for the application for NZeTA for each member separately.

When the applicant is requesting the online NZeTA application form, the applicant must have good health. The Greek applicants may be asked whether he is traveling to New Zealand to obtain medical treatment or consultation. If he is in this situation, he must apply for a Medical Treatment Visitor Visa instead of a tourist visa.

How to apply an NZeTA online application form from Greece?

Greek citizens can obtain and apply an online NZeTA application. Firstly apply for an application form for NZeTA. At last, you must pay the NZeTA application fee and IVL fees using a credit or debit card. IVL is a small payment paid during application fee. The New Zealand government uses IVL to protect the environment and develop the infrastructure of New Zealand. Paying the fees and submitting the application is applied successfully. After approval, the NZeTA is sent on the given email address. The travelers must have a print out of the NZeTA when traveling to New Zealand for security checking.

Which documents are essential for applying an New Zealand eTA from Greece?

After applying an application for New Zealand eTA, you can find an approved NZeTA to transit in New Zealand without obtaining a tourism visa. Therefore, you must fill all the essential information correctly and truly. You must keep the following essential document while applying the application form –

- The traveler’s passport remaining valid for almost three months after the exit date from New Zealand.

- The online NZeTA application form should be filled-out correctly truly.

- A valid credit or debit card is required to pay the NZeTA fee and IVL fees.

- An email address to get the approved New Zealand eTA visa waiver.

Those citizens who are eager to travel along with their family members are required to mention their family members’ passport details at the time of applying for the eTA form.