New Zealand has been an isolated island for a long time so it is surrounded by beautiful forests, hill stations, mountains covered with snow and sea-spots. The Government of New Zealand has done a lot of work to protect its natural beauty as well as making a better equilibrium between citizens and Nature. These are the essential reasons for visiting New Zealand once.

There is good news that the government of New Zealand has announced that tourist visa will not be required for a for the citizens of 60 countries from 1st Oct 2019 if they are traveling to New Zealand for short trips up to 90 consistent days but they need an eTA to transit in New Zealand. Taiwan is also one of the 60 countries so the citizen of Taiwan do not need a visa but the NZeTA for traveling to New Zealand.

The NZeTA is mandatory for all Taiwan citizens traveling to the country for short stays. New Zealand government has made the process of applying an New Zealand eTA online application form for Taiwan citizens so easy that they can apply the eTA form online using their smartphones, personal computers or tablets.

Is the NZeTA of Taiwan Citizens necessary for New Zealand?

New Zealand ‘s Government has announced to make transit easy and flexible for 60 countries and Taiwan is one of those countries, so citizens of Taiwan need not obtain an approved tourism visa to visit the country but they must obtain an NZeTA for traveling to the country for short stays up to 90 consistent days. The eTA is mandatory for all citizens traveling to New Zealand. The eTA for Taiwan has got validity for 2 years or till its expiry date, whatever comes first. When the New Zealand eTA got approved, it will automatically be linked to the traveler's passport, avoids the restrictions to receive a passport stamp from border control officials upon arrival.

The Traveler's health must be good while requesting the NZ eTA; applicants can be asked whether they are traveling to the country to receive medical treatment or consultation. If he is not in a good situation, he will compel to apply for a Medical Treatment Visitor Visa instead.

The visitors traveling with their members of the family should give the passport details of each one but those who are traveling with other family members they must apply the application for each eTA.

How to apply an application for the eTA for New Zealand from Taiwan?

The Government of New Zealand has provided the facility to the citizens of Taiwan for applying an application of the NZeTA online form with the help of their Smartphone, personal computer or tablet in 10 minutes. They need to fill their personal information (name, date of birth, address), passport information (passport no., nationality, expiry date), health-related information about receiving medical treatment or consultation in New Zealand, security plans (hotels and dates of arrival and departure), security information (criminal records and character details), and an email address to get the NZ eTA online:

Having filled all the data, paid the fees for both applications as well as associate tourist levy (IVL) using a credit or debit card, the initial application will be completed. IVL is taken as a small payment that helps to protect the natural environment as well as contributes to develop New Zealand's infrastructure. The eta will be approved in a day or 3 progressive days if any quarries arrive. To get rid of any delay or inconvenience you must apply an application prior to 3 days from departure thus there will be enough time for processing and approval.

What are the required documents to apply for an eTA to New Zealand from Taiwan?

The Government of New Zealand is giving the facility to apply the online NZ eTA application form with a Smartphone, a PC or a tablet. It is required to fill the details completely and correctly otherwise any wrong detail can cause delay for the approval of the application, therefore, you need to have the following documents which will be very helpful while applying the form.

- A passport remaining validity for almost 3 months after the exit date from New Zealand.

-The online application form should be filled out carefully and correctly.

- A valid credit or debit card is required to pay the eTA and IVL fees.

- An email address of the applicant to get the approved eTA visa waiver.

Citizens thinking of traveling along with family members are required to fill their passport information at the time of applying for the eTA form.

How long will it take to receive an NZeTA from Taiwan?

It generally takes 1 day for processing and responding for the NZeTA application form from Taiwan, in case there is any problem occurs it may take 3 days for responding. The NZ eTA in PDF format will be sent to the given email address after approval.

The citizen having dual Citizenship is informed to be ensured before traveling that he must travel with the passport of which information is filled in the application form.

New Zealand welcomes the citizens of Taiwan from the bottom of its heart and wishes a memorable journey for you as well as your family. May God make your journey successful!