New Zealand is a sovereign island country and God has ornamented New Zealand with plenty of natural beauty, which attracts people for and wide. Who would like to lose the opportunity to see the beautiful snowy mountains, Mountmungai (a popular east coast beach home to many sporting and music events), Taupo (a great place for bungee jumping, jet boat, and skydive), and Whakapapa and Turoa skifield for skiing? The quality of life, health, education is much higher in comparison to other countries. From 31st Oct 2019, New Zealand has exempted 60 countries from obtaining a visa for traveling New Zealand and Vatican City is one of those countries whose citizens do not require a visa to transit in New Zealand but an eTA for New Zealand is mandatory for them.

The New Zealand eTA allows The New Zealand Border security officials to pre-screen individuals before arriving in the country. The Vatican citizens required to apply an online application for the eTA. The New Zealand government requires International visitor conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL) which is a small payment to protect nature and develop the infrastructure of New Zealand.

Is the NZeTA necessary for Vatican Citizens?

As the government of New Zealand has announced from 31st Oct 2019, Vatican is one of those countries which are exempted from the requirement of visa traveling up to 90 days yet an New Zealand eTA is required to obtain to face the identification of each individual to cross the Border Security and it is mandatory for all Vatican citizens. It automatically links to the traveler’s passport. The New Zealand eTA is valid for 2 years or the expiry date whichever comes first.

Cruise passengers are required to obtain a valid New Zealand eTA as Vatican travelers arriving to New Zealand by air. Even crew members must apply for an eTA individually, separate from that of tourists. These workers can contact their employer for assistance.

The Vatican citizens who are planning on only transiting through Auckland International Airport on their way to a destination outside of New Zealand are also required to obtain a valid eTA.

The citizens traveling to New Zealand with their family must provide all members’ passport details when applying, the application form for The NZ eTA. Those who are traveling with other members must apply the eTA application form individually for each member.

How can the citizens of the Vatican City apply an application for The NZeTA?

The citizens of the Vatican City can easily obtain and apply an online New Zealand eTA application form with their Smartphone, personal computer or tablet in 10 minutes.

Avoiding inaccuracy and any delays during applying the application form, the following details are required to keep along with yourself:

- Personal details – Full name, date of birth, address, family details (if traveling with family, each member’s details).

- Passport details – Passport number, nationality, expiry date.

- Health information – Intention of receiving medical treatment or consultation in NZ.

- Travel plans – Hotels, dates of arrival and departure.

- Security details – History of criminal convictions.

- A valid email address to receive the approved eTA visa waiver

- A debit or a credit card for paying an application and IVL fees.

At first, complete the form and check the details carefully as any wrong detail may cause failure for approving the application form, paying the fee and associate tourist levy (IVL); the initial application is completed. In a few days, the NZeTA application is processed and approved.

What are the necessary documents to apply for an eTA to New Zealand from Vatican City?

It is required to apply the online New Zealand eTA application form correctly to get the approval for the NZeTA. An inaccurate or incomplete application can be rejected or cause delay for processing and approval. The Vatican citizens must have the following documents-

- The validity of the traveler’s passport should not be less than 3 months after the extended exit date from New Zealand.

- The NZeTA online application form must be completed.

- A valid credit or debit card for paying the online application and IVL fees.

- A current email address to find the approved eTA visa waiver.

- The citizen with dual citizenship must ensure to fill the passport detail with which he is going to travel.

-Each family member’s passport details are essential to give and apply individually the eTA online applications form for other relatives as well as minors.

How long does it take to get an NZeTA from Vatican City?

After applying the NZeTA online form and paying its and IVL fees; it takes 1 to 3 working days to respond from Vatican City So the travelers have to apply the NZ eTA online form at least before 3 working days that it will get sufficient time for processing. After the approval of the application, the NZ eTA in PDF format is sent to the given email address.